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IP Services

Alder IP offers intellectual property services relating patent, trademarks and intellectual property IP management.

Domain Name Disputes

Alder IP can also manage domain name arbitrations or disputes through either the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) or Australian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP).

These domain name dispute mechanisms cover top level (gTDL) and country code (ccTDL) domain name. These systems are cheaper and faster alternative to the regular court system and provides more reliable outcomes for the complainants. Please contact Alder IP for more information.


electronic circuit of patentable machinePatents are a legally enforceable way of protecting
great ideas and innovations.

A patent gives its owner the legally enforceable right to exclude other people
from using or commercialising their invention or innovation.

Alder IP can assist in drafting, filing, prosecuting and maintaining patents
and patent applications.

Patents must be filed in each country in which they are sought and Alder IP may
manage this process through its global network to provide the results for its

Trade Marks

Light bulb creation of trademarkTrade marks are used to distinguish a business’s goods
and services from other traders.

Alder IP works with its clients to develop effective protection strategies in
relation to logos, slogans, product names and business names.

A registered trade mark gives a legally enforceable right to commercially use, license or sell goods and services that it is registered under.

For further advice, please contact Alder IP to discuss your business goals in relation to trade marks.

IP Management

Holding IP in your handsAlder IP is a full service Intellectual Property (IP) practice offering IP Management and registration services relating to patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, plant breeders rights and trade marks.

We utilise a global network of lawyers and attorneys to manage IP applications for our clients.

We also provide IP searching and research advice.