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Patents are a legally enforceable way of protecting great ideas and innovations.

A patent gives its owner the legally enforceable right to exclude other people from using or commercialising their invention or innovation.

Alder IP can assist in drafting, filing, prosecuting and maintaining patents and patent applications.

Patents must be filed in each country in which they are sought and Alder IP may manage this process through its global network to provide the results for its clients.

A patent could be considered as fence around your property. It identifies the scope of invention that you own. However, like regular property, patents need to be maintained and owners need to be vigilant to keep their inventions free from third party who will poach your ideas and inventions.

Your business should have a plan for commercialising your invention and this plan should include a patenting strategy and a separate strategy as to how you plan to protect your patent and inventions from unauthorised use.

Your business should consider patent protection if:

  • You own invention that is patentable;
  • Your business’s investors need a level of comfort that your intellectual property is being managed  properly;
  • The monopoly granted by a patent, allows to continue researching the aspects of product to allow you to bring it to market (e.g. medical devices);
  • A thorough search reveals no  similar technology

Using a patent attorney to lodge your applications may greatly reduce the risk of serious mistakes and is likely to improve the commercial value of the patent that is ultimately granted.

For inventions, that are either very difficult to copy or reverse engineer, patenting may not be suitable. Also in cases, where the commercial return on the invention is relatively low, the costs of patents may be prohibitive.

If your invention is new and real commercial potential, your business should consider using patent protection to protect your investment in inventions and new devices.