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How Amazon’s Australian trade marks will change the way you shop

How Amazon's trademarks will make shopping easier.

Amazon has registered a number of trade marks over the past few months in Australia that range from online delivery of groceries with Amazon Fresh to a smart speaker. However there is one yet to be trade marked in Australia but likely to emerge in Australia called Amazon Go, the Guardian explains. It's a product ordering service that allows customers to buy food at a store with amazing ease. Other supermarket companies, however, are worried about the entrance of this US giant and how it will affect their business, according to The Australian. 

Amazon Go allows you to buy food on the go

Amazon Go has already generated a lot of interest in Australia. A recent advertising video shows how the shopping tool will work – consumers will be able to walk into a store and pick food up and walk out with it automatically paid for – meaning no queues and no hassle. The video shows a way of shopping that looks incredibly futuristic and easy.

However, The Retail Doctor Group's Brian Walker told SmartCompany that people are focusing too much on the service itself when what is really exciting is how Amazon will make use of data using Amazon Go and the other technological products and services they've trademarked. Their ability to collect data will transform customer service. For instance, the brand will know what the shopper wants in the supermarket before the shopper even knows.

"The interesting thing is that one of the biggest influences this business has had is in the predicting of consumer behaviour," says Walker.

For this reason, supermarket executives such as those at Woolworths are gearing up for the massive change in competition to come. Woolworths is even establishing official task forces to meet this new competition head on and find ways to match it. 

Other companies – such as Metcash –  are considering the prospect of partnering with Amazon rather than trying to compete with it. 

How trade marks benefits your company in the market

Trade marks can be a disruptive and innovative force in the market.

Trade marks can be a disruptive and innovative force in the market. The fact that Amazon hasn't even released the products yet other supermarkets are already in a frenzy to address the potentially new competition is telling.

IP Australia states that a trade mark can be a company's most valuable marketing tool. Trade marks can be a way of telling your customers who you are and what you can offer. It's an excellent way to promote your goods and services. 

To find out more about registering a trade mark and the marketing benefits that come from doing so, contact Alder IP's trade mark lawyers. Using our expert knowledge of trade marks, we can help you with your application and put you on the right track for marketing success.