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Alder IP wins internationally prestigious award

Alder IP has won Corporate INTL's '‘Full Service IP Law Firm of the Year in Australia’.

Alder IP's mission is to provide our customers with exceptional intellectual property services. While our clients can attest to our incredible service, it's always great to see it recognised by an independent observer.

With that, we are proud to announce that Alder IP has won Corporate INTLs' 'Full Service IP Law Firm of the Year in Australia' award.

What are the Corporate INTL awards?

The Corporate INTL awards are designed to recognise firms that have been successful in their respective fields over the past 12 months. The focus is not just on the expertise of the teams in question, but also on the quality of the service they provide to their customers.

Alder IP has won  Full Service IP Law Firm of the Year in Australia'.
Alder IP has won 'Full Service IP Law Firm of the Year in Australia'.

How are the award winners chosen?

Corporate INTL receive nominations from a variety of sources, including but not limited to:

  • The readers of Corporate INTL magazine, which is distributed to over 70,000 individuals,
  • Their database of over 300,000 individual partners of law firms,
  • Over 250,000 CFO's, CEOs and Directors of public and private companies around the world.

It's safe to say these are individuals and groups that know what makes a great business great, so a nomination alone is an achievement.

Corporate INTL's researchers then undertake extensive reviews, and look into all of the firms that have been nominated. From there, a shortlist of the top five firms are drawn up. The research team look carefully at the service type and range, the business type, the location, how the business operates and the expertise the teams in question can offer to companies working in their location.

Finally, the shortlist is evaluated by an independent panel who choose the final award winner.

What makes Alder IP different?

Receiving an internationally prestigious award from a trusted organisation is a great honour, and we're glad to see that our unique and exceptional services are recognised us such. But what in particular makes us different?

  • We respect your IP as if it were our own – We love the patents and technology, and treat it with the respect and attention it deserves,
  • Expert service at a competitive price – Not only do we offer award-winning service, it comes at a fair and reasonable price,
  • We provide a tailored service – We work with your business and help you realise the full potential of your IP.

For more information on how we can help your business protect its intellectual property, get in touch with Alder IP today.