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A great year for intellectual property in Australia

2015 was an excellent year for intellectual property law in Australia.

Creativity was a key trend for Australians in 2015, as the year saw a large increase in applications to protect intellectual property. The surge covered many facets of intellectual property law including logos and brands, inventions, varieties of plants and product appearance.

Good news for IP law in Australia in 2015

According to Wyatt Roy, Assistant Minister for Innovation, there was a record increase in the number of trade marks, with a 14 per cent jump in filed applications, and a 10 per cent boost in patent applications. The year also saw a 5 per cent rise in applications from plant breeders looking to protect new plant varieties.

There were also more applications for design protection filed in 2015 than in any other year on record.

"I am excited to see that recent figures show the demand for protecting intellectual property through patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights in Australia is increasing in line with global trends," Mr. Roy stated.

"In a globalised economy, the value of IP rights is an important contributor to trade and economic growth."

Strong performance among global economies

When it comes to IP rights around the world, Australia is part of the top tier. In the Global Intellectual Property Centre's (GIPC) International IP Index, a ranking of innovators' rights on a global scale, Australia ranked 8th out of 38 countries and earned a commendable score of 25 on a 30-point assessment.

The GIPC noted Australia's intellectual property law strengths included legislation focusing on digital rights management, as well as low rates of piracy and counterfeiting.

With such an increase in 2015, the coming year looks promising for innovators. For expert advice with patent registration in Australia, contact us at Alder IP today.