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What can Jarryd Hayne teach us about IP law?

After making the move to NFL, Jarryd Hayne swiftly ensured his brand was protected under Australian law.

Celebrities, such as Jarryd Hayne, are good examples of how registering a trademark can give you further control over your brand or idea.

New guide aims to facilitate easier understanding of IP law

The guide is designed to make collaboration between companies and innovators easier.

An Australian government framework has been developed with the aim of making collaboration between businesses and researchers easier.

Online piracy attracting fewer Australians

More Australians are opting for online streaming services, such as Netflix.

Online piracy in Australia is reportedly decreasing, with more Australians preferring pay-per-view subscription services.

What can reality TV tell us about copyright law?

Can an idea for a reality show be protected under copyright law?

Can a television show concept be protected under copyright law? Two cooking reality shows go head-to-head in court.

Are our current intellectual property laws competent?

An inquiry has been launched to explore Australia's current intellectual property arrangements.

An inquiry has been launched to explore Australia’s current intellectual property arrangements support Australian businesses as well as they could be.

Australian Businesses successfully sue Chinese Counterfeit Product in China

What do businesses need to know about international copyright law?

An Australian company recently discovered it was the victim of overseas counterfeiting or patent infringement. What do you need to know?

Google patent search update expected to foster innovation

People are now better equipped to search for patents online.

Google has updated its patent search engine, allowing people to get a head start on the process before consulting a patent attorney.