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Latest News from the Alder IP Blog

How could Amazon’s trademark make meal kits more affordable?

Could Amazon's newest trademark put a bad taste in competitors' mouths? Amazon delivers bad news to competitors when it enters markets. Find out how Amazon's newest trademark is sending shockwaves through the meal-kit industry.

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Banks are nervous about Facebook’s new patent in Australia

Facebook's payment system is worrying banks in Australia. Facebook may make splitting the bill just that much easier in Australia. What does it mean for the banks if Facebook's patent is realised?

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Starbucks and a coffee shop lock horns over unicorn drinks

Why is Starbucks being taken to court for its Unicorn Frappuccino? A coffee shop is suing Starbucks for trademark infringement over a unicorn-themed drink. Find out more about the legal battle over these whimsical drinks.

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Have you discovered a new use for your existing patented product?

Even Apple's Siri application didn't have the full IP protection it needed at first. Have you found a new use for an existing product you've patented? If so, you may need to add new levels of intellectual property protection.

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Protecting your intellectual property – and fighting back against infringement

You don't want someone else to steal your product ideas. Your intellectual property is one of the most important things your business owns. How can you protect it from outside intrusion?

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How Nestle failed to trademark KitKat’s shape in the U.K.

What has Nestle struggled to prove KitKat has a unique shape? Discover how Nestle failed to get a break in trademarking KitKat's distinctive shape in the U.K. Court of Appeal.

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Applying for a trade mark can help safeguard your profit potential

A trade mark could be the missing piece your branding needs. If you want legal protection for more elements of your brand beyond just your core product, a trade mark can help with that. Consider applying for one.

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