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Scott Whitby

Scott Whitby

Scott is a qualified Patent Attorney working with ICT, medical technology and mechanical devices. Scott focuses on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, patentability, infringement and due diligence work, and has firsthand experience within the mining industry (including stability analysis and monitoring, and 3D modelling).

Scott completed a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in civil engineering at the University of Wollongong. His projects while at university included the use of waste materials for civil engineering applications, in particular coal wash and blast furnace slag as land reclamation fill, and computer stability modelling of soft soils.

The majority of Scott’s capabilities stem from firsthand experience within the mining industry and working as a geotechnical engineer on a number of large commercial developments and infrastructure projects.

While working within the mining industry Scott gained an understanding of 3D mapping technologies for mapping ore veins and mapping proposed underground mining operations. He also has experience with several geotechnical modelling programs including Geoslope, Finite Layer Elastic Analysis (FLEA) and WALLAP.

Scott has had experience with local examination and prosecution and has assisted with the prosecution of patents including a solar and geothermal apparatus for the vaporization of motive fluids for the generation of electricity as well as medical technology devices including catheter and needles.