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Alder IP – Intellectual Property Law Specialists

Alder IP are patent, trade mark and intellectual property lawyers based in Sydney and Hornsby, NSW.

We strive to protect the rights of our clients and their businesses.

We provide tailored solutions to help businesses maximise their value by providing better service and cost effective strategies. We provide solutions in corporate law, patents, trademarks, domain names, and copyright.

Key factors that set Alder IP apart from other intellectual property law firms:

  • Tailored solutions
  • Better levels of service
  • Better cost reporting and cost estimation

Alder IP can register, manage and prosecute all forms of intellectual property for our clients including patents, trademark, and registered designs. We will also provide advice on confidentiality agreements, license agreements and supply agreements.

Quality Advice from Experienced Intellectual Property Solicitors

Commercialisation Expertise

Our legal advisors have extensive experience with commercialising of new and innovative products. We have expertise with filing and registering patents, designs, and trademarks in Australia. We can also assist and help you develop business strategies to drive your business forward. Alder IP can help with all of legal needs for your business.

Alder IP Global Network

Alder IP works closely within a global network of legal professionals. We use this network to register your intellectual property in several local jurisdictions for the best possible results. Our close working relationship with our network of technology specialist patent attorneys and legal advisors all over the world allows us to give you the right advice no matter where you are seeking patent protection or legal advice.

Better Patent Protection

Excellence in International Patenting

We focus on international patenting, whilst appreciating the importance of simultaneously protecting your rights through intellectual property law in Australia. The gross market sizes of Europe and USA make these markets attractive to Australian innovators and inventors. We understand business and marketing models, and try to tailor your patent portfolio to fit your business strategy in the international marketplace.

Multiple layers of Patent Protection

We offer multiple scoping of claims in your patent application. Rather than just focusing on a single claim, set we reduce the risk profile of your patent application by looking for multiple unique aspects of your technology and inventions. We aim to make layers of protection rather than limiting to one aspect.

Broad Patent Coverage

We strive to protect your great idea by extending protection to not just your actual product, but also to the concept you have developed. Our patent attorneys also cover applications of your device / software across different industries when possible.

Creative Solutions

Alder IP endeavours to protect the great ideas of our clients. We work closely with our clients to develop legal strategies and ways for improving and optimising their competitive advantages in the marketplace. We strive to use as much as imagination as our clients do when inventing their innovations.

A More Versatile and Flexible Corporate Law Firm for Sydney’s Innovators and Inventors

Alder IP is one of the few intellectual property specialist law firms in Sydney that act as a one stop shop for commercialising your intellectual property

What we can do for your business:

license agreements, supply agreements and distributor agreements

  • file and prosecute patent applications;
  • file and prosecute trademark applications;
  • file and prosecute design applications;
  • prosecute domain name disputes and arbitration.

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